Brands often attempt to impose an image on their customers. Their strategy would seem to stem from the idea that their target market aspires to this image. However, we reject this approach. Too often, brands create images that are an exaggeration or outright dismissal of reality and in the case of men especially, alienate part of the market by representing a virtually non-existent lifestyle. One example would be the hyper-masculine marketing of many beard product brands. Another would be the androgynous look of many fashion houses. Our goal is to appeal to the real modern man. The man who takes the subway to work every day. The man who is going out on a date. The man with a family who wants to look good at work.

We do this in part because we are these men. We also do this because it is our belief that men are no longer afraid to appear feminine for taking care of their appearance. Their masculinity is no longer defined by narrow and outdated parameters. Today’s modern man makes no apologies for looking great.

In this, some brands succeed as well. They offer great and relevant products. But they do so only in a narrow niche. This once again limits their customers. Throughout his life, whether by choice or circumstance, a man changes. He may wear a beard, then shave clean, then wear a beard again. He may have long hair, short hair or no hair. Today’s man is looking for a brand he can turn to regardless of what choices he makes for his appearance. Therefore, the core of our philosophy is to offer a brand that is relevant to the real lifestyle of a modern man, while providing a wide enough range of products to support any appearance choice that he would make. We believe this is the next evolution in the men’s grooming and lifestyle market and we are here to help usher it in.

Defining a 6IXMAN

The 6IXMAN is a classically modern man. Regardless of what he is doing, he always looks good. In a world of social media where you are under constant scrutiny, the pressure is on to look your best even when you are not at your best. The 6IXMAN tackles the challenges of a modern lifestyle with the knowledge that even when he is pushed to the limit, he will make it look easy. A well-groomed man creates a lasting impression of control, strength, and poise. The 6IXMAN marries old world charm with new world pragmatism to become a tour de force. Each 6IXMAN defines our brand and his uniqueness adds to our own.

About 6IXMAN

We are a startup in the field of cosmetics, focused on men’s grooming products. This includes beard care, hair care, skin care, and shaving. The founding team is made up of professionals from outside industries with a focus on sales, business intelligence, and online presence/social media. Our aim is to create products which we will use ourselves, meaning that we want our products to be safe, natural, biodegradable, as well as high performance.